Every person attending an Alan Chanesman & Partners CPD event must register in advance as a participant for a seat.

In order to secure a seat, your registration should ideally be received three (3) working days prior to an event. If inside three (3) days please contact Alan Alan Chanesman & Partners prior to registration, we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Bookings are made on a ‘per seat’ basis.

Seats at each event are limited and allocated on a ‘first-paid’ basis.

On completion of the registration process, Alan Chanesman & Partners will confirm details of your seat and send you electronic confirmation to the e-mail address attached to your registration.

Registrations are deemed to have been made by an approved company representative for another person at the  same company.

Alan Chanesman & Partners reserves the right to refuse the registration of a person/s.

By registering and logging-on an online event the participant acknowledges the session will be recorded, and further agrees that:

Personally identifiable information of participants may be heard, seen, read, collected, or used by Alan Chanesman & Partners as the organiser and other online event participants, and that;

Any communication or information transmitted during the online event, such as voice, instant messages or presentations are available to and may be recorded and further used by Alan Chanesman & Partners as the organiser.

Completion of registration is also acceptance of any and all terms and conditions contained on this website.